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  • David Bentley

Skott – Talk about me (single)

Time for a change and some pure Scandi-pop from Swedish artist Skott, who writes about a little girl who dreams about fame and it distorts into the narcissism of pop-industry worship, and madness, like she’s losing her mind. But in reality, she just feels invisible. The clue in the video is the number plate on her car.

Although not too well-known here yet she’s had nods of support online from Katy Perry and Lorde, and has supported artists like MØ and Phantogram. My guess is she’ll be the topping the bill if she can keep this standard up.

The PR that came with the song talks about “folk-driven melodies”. Well, yes, up to a point but what I hear is a very well-crafted teenage pop song pure and simple and one which I’m sure is aimed at a North American market which laps this sort of thing up. It could be Carly Rae Jepsen. Or Katy Perry. It’s likely to make playlists here, as well.

The video, which she co-directed with a friend who did the animation, uses a La La Land alternate universe as its backdrop, using various pop and cinematic culture reference points, such as Bowie and Elton John who feature amongst the many subliminal images floating across the screen, representations of actors and actresses you just can’t pin a name to and images such as one that could be anything from the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro to the Mothman.

She grew up in a small Swedish village, Vikarbyn, known for its traditional customs and even its own language and it is this unique way of life and upbringing that has enabled Skott to create a world entirely of her own.

While she’d be delighted to amass the billions of streams and views Jepsen and Perry have, she already run up over 100 million streams of her own.

She is in the process of writing and recording her forthcoming debut album, and has started her own record label, ‘Dollar Menu’.

Skott releases this single today and her debut album on June 12th via Dollar Menu/Cosmos Music. The album will include several tracks already released, as well as a collection of completely new songs.

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