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  • David Bentley

Slide – Hello Spirit (single from forthcoming EP)

Stockholm, Sweden’s duo Slide returns to deliver the first taste of their forthcoming EP, Things I Tell Myself’. ‘Hello Spirit’ is out May 8th through If Music Could Talk.

It is a genre-mash blending indie-rock and alt-pop in equal measure with heavy emphasis on drum and bass. In fact the song comes alive when they come in at about the 0:50 mark. A good song but it takes more than one hearing to get into it.

They say, “We wrote this song quite some time ago but we’re happy we finally get to release it and show it to everyone. I guess you could say it’s about having a bad trip and breaking free from that experience. And then also breaking free from all the bad habits you use to comfort yourself. ‘Throw away the jackets that I own, I don’t think it’s raining where I’m going’ is pretty much just saying that whatever it is I am and wherever I’m going, whether it’s heaven or some kind of hell, I want to take it for what it is and not drown that experience in substance or bad relationships."

I was blindsided by the fact that the lyric “hello evil spirit” which figures right from the start isn’t in the title, it might have made more sense to do that as it sets the scene for the track right from the word go.

There’s been some manipulation of the vocal - autotune or a vocoder or something - which isn’t something I’d normally support, but in this case it sets the ‘evil spirit’ tone just nicely.

Visit them on Facebook or Instagram.


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