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SMISK (Sweden) - ‘Käka hjärtan till frukost’ (single)

We’ve covered 1000s of artists since we started in 2014, so much so that occasionally I even have to check myself if we’ve written about an artist before. But we haven’t written about SMISK. Trust me, I’d remember.

They’re a Swedish 5 piece punk Riot Grrrl style band that have been around for a few years now, first releasing an EP in 2017, and then following that up with a scattering of singles in the last 3 years. From the looks of it they’re on the same label as Soap Detox (Kapish Records), who have something interesting about them too.

All their songs are in Swedish, and their latest track is 'Käka hjärtan till frukost', which translates I believe to ‘Eat Hearts for Breakfast’. I’d ask my butcher if he stocks them, but given it was released on Valentines Day, I don’t think the message behind the song is suggesting alternatives to your morning Frosties.

The track is 1 min 30 seconds of wilful, chaotic noise, which you will like / dislike depending on your music taste and perspective. But I do certainly like the shouty 'harmonies' and the abrupt ending.

They’ve also done an interview with Kult Magazine (read it here) where they appear to describe themselves as “SMiSK is the girl in the class that no one dares to talk to but that everyone secretly wants to sleep with, SMiSK is your dad's worst nightmare and your mother's filthiest fantasy, SMiSK is the virtuoso of the bad mood, SMiSK is a joke that no one laughs at, SMiSK is simply the world's most disgusting rock band.”

Yes I had to read it twice too. I’d genuinely love to see SMISK live, but I’d probably be the one hiding in the corner clutching my pint with both hands.

Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.


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