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Spring Teeth 🇫🇮 - ‘Life Won’t Wait’ (Album)

I‘m pretty happy with the range of genres / styles I’m covering, but if any doubt there’s always a good indie guitar band in the process of releasing an album, and Spring Teeth are the latest - ‘Life Won’t Wait’ came out last Friday.

They’re a 3 piece band from Helsinki based around Hannu (Vocals / Guitar), Henri (Bass & Vocals) and Petri (Drums), and I have written about them before, first after they released a debut single entitled ‘Land of Bones’ back in 2019. They went on to release a couple more over the next year before suddenly arriving back in early 2022 with the lead single from the album ‘Life Won’t Wait’.

These guys make a good noise. I think when I first wrote I compared them to fellow Finnish indie band The Stillwalkers, simply because they have the same melodic intent in the songs, and whilst for me the Spring Teeth album doesn’t reach the level as the Stillwalkers debut, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Highlights include opening song ‘It Doesn‘t Have To Be So Hard’ which appeals because straight away the band get into a really easy listening indie groove, whilst ‘Life Won’t Wait’ is an obviously catchy number. But I like the under 2 minute ‘Never Knew’, which I guess has a hint of power pop, and ‘Undertow’ heads off in a warm fuzzy Teenage Fanclub direction.

Wasting Away’ is a another high energy track with more great guitar noise, whilst ‘Forget About Today’ has an enjoyable ‘dirty’ guitar sound, which switches to more melodic sections. For me the album does lose momentum slightly, but they end with the reflective ‘Missing’, which shows a slightly different side to the band.

Of course with an indie guitar release like this they’re not breaking too much new musical ground, and the tracks are very much written ‘in a style’, but I’ve really enjoyed listening to the album, and it would be great to see Spring Teeth on some Finnish indie festival line-ups this year, their music is definitely worthy of wider attention.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook.


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