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Suð 🇮🇸 - 'Save the Swimmers'

After ambitiously suggesting I was going to write 4 short reviews today I've already got completely carried away with the 1st one, so I'll keep my thoughts on Icelandic band Suð short and sweet, and try not to get distracted by considering abstract thoughts such as 'how noisy is space' again.

I've written about them before, of course, they're the band who were formed originally in the late 90's, following the streams of US alternative lo-fi bands of that era, but inevitably life got in the way, with band members scattered across the solar system before reforming for a birthday party and deciding to write new songs, because they really couldn't be bothered to relearn the old ones.

And they're clearly having great fun, with 'Save The Swimmers' the latest release, the 3rd album since the reformation, and this time it's with English lyrics - which I can't deny is nice, although there was also something really likeable about their combination of indie rock and (for me) slightly unfathomable lyrics of previous releases.

Anyway these guys have always made a really good noise, and 'Save the Swimmers' is even more likeable than previous releases. Highlights include title track and opener 'Save the Swimmers', pre-release singles 'Made' and 'Freak Out', whilst 'Clothes' (a song about clothes), is a frenetic 2 minutes of post punk guitars, with a catchy chorus and a chaotic ending. But 'Floor' is possibly my favourite, another short, catchy burst of irresistible indie pop energy, before they offer the more weighty indie styled 'Hey You'.

'Save the Swimmers' is a great mix of indie, grunge, pop and post punk sounds, and Suð are definitely getting better with age. I'd still love to catch them live when I finally visit Reykjavik - a trip that's been cursed in recent years. And when I do make it I can even follow Suð's guide to restaurants and places to see, thanks to this lovely interview with our good friends at Nordic Watchlist here. Meanwhile check out the album, it's highly recommended.

Find them on Facebook, Instagram or Bandcamp.


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