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  • Andy

Superserious 🇮🇸 - ‘Coke Cans’ (single)

Just a quick one today, as we haven't updated you all on Icelandic indie band superserious for a while, but they're releasing singles at a steady pace and pretty much have an album of released material behind them, as well as some impressive live performances at the likes of SPOT Festival, and inevitably Airwaves in Iceland.

Of course it's almost impossible for any band to keep releasing singles of the quality of 'Bye Bye Honey' and 'let's drop the act', which are as close to indie pop perfection as you can get. But new single 'Coke Cans' gets pretty close, jangling guitars accompany a melancholic sounding melody, and another instantly likeable chorus.

Take a listen here:

I've not seen mention of an album, but these guys always seem like a band with a plan, I'm sure there's something planned for 2024.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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