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Talitha Ferri - 'Porcelain' (single)

We’ve tried to keep the feelgood factor going with Feelium, The New Investors and PAPILLS, but I find myself inevitably drawn back to more melancholy releases, and the new single 'Porcelain' from Danish based Talitha Ferri is very much in that stripped back indie folk style where everything feels so sad it’s almost reassuring.

It also maintains her run of impressive releases, the third single off her forthcoming new album cheerily to be entitled ‘Get Well Soon’, and which inevitably reminds me of the excellent Konstantin Gropper project of the same name. Released through the Soulpod Collective (check out the excellent Anima & Ennui on the same label), that new album is due out on May 1st, a month where we really hope everything will look a little more positive.

I try not to quote other music websites too much, but Tom Johnson in the much loved Gold Flake Paint (check out their published magazine) expressed it so well when he said “Every once in a while a voice comes along that seems to pause the world, shrinking everything to silence save for the picture it’s painting in song’’. I can honestly say that from the moment I heard Talitha Ferri earlier this year I was totally mesmerized by her expressive voice and songwriting.

As expected ‘Porcelain’ is simply a gorgeous song, which charts the feeling of guilt when suffering from depression. Just guitar and vocals open, a plaintive melody, the most beautiful moment just over 1 min 3o seconds in leads to the somewhat inevitable string introduction. But I still think it’s her voice that makes this all sound so perfect.

Take a listen to ‘Porcelain’:

Visit her on Facebook or Instagram, and we very much look forward to her album on May 1st


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