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The Bunkers - ‘Secret Files’ (single)

It was only 6 months ago when I introduced Finnish noise rock / post punk band The Bunkers after discovering them on Bandcamp. At the time they’d just released an EP entitled ‘Offside’ and I really enjoyed I too, they have an interesting blend of sounds.

Although clearly lockdown has affected things somewhat since then, things are starting to get back to normality for the 5 piece band. They even played a mini festival of sorts at the end of September (‘Jens and friends’), in a line-up which gives me a whole list of underground Finnish bands to try and find online.

If any of them are more interesting than The Bunkers then I’ll really have struck lucky, because I really like the noise these guys make. New single ‘Secret Files’ shows they’ve developed their sound slightly (on this single at least), with a hint of Brit Rock / Arctic Monkeys, but the key is that these guys write really good tunes, and the song seamlessly flows along. Their krautrock influence always seems to keep their songs at a high level of intensity too.

Watch the video here.

Pretty good again. Look forward to future releases.

Find them on Facebook.


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