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  • David Bentley

The Endorphins ft. Amaya – Home (single from EP)

Three of The Endorphins’ songs from their EP ‘Afterglow’ have now been released by the duo’s label; this being the last in the trilogy as well as the lead track and it includes a contribution from Slovenian-Swedish chanteuse AMAYA.

In the previous review I referred to them as being as silky as the parachute they were singing about and this track is no different. ‘Home’ is an R&B duet with AMAYA where the artists go vocally back and forth about finally not being lost anymore. I was lost, now I’m found as Sia would have it.

On pain of repeating myself ad nauseam there are two genres I find it difficult to review – rap/grimeand R&B – because I don’t know just how to assess the value of individual songs, what makes them stand out from others. The ‘silkiness’ I referred to is definitely part of it, as is the contribution the backing singer makes and the overall sound. Some, like this one, can sound as if a producer of the quality of Phil Spector or Trevor Horn got their hands on it. Not so much a wall of sound as a virtual 3D reality wraparound experience.

I suppose what stands out is that there is a degree of elation about it that’s, how can I put it, pre- rather than post-coital. Home is where the heart is.

Well they do say, “Our music is all about inducing endorphins. It’s about love, friendship, parties and sex.”

To recap, they're siblings Alva (singer) and August Heldt from Stockholm. They are “Inspired by 90’s R&B, 60’s Motown, the poetry of everyday life and simple words.”

Find them on Facebook.


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