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  • David Bentley

The Endorphins – Parachute (single)

Endorphins. Nothing to do with dolphins. Something to do with the metabolism? Feel-good enzymes or something like that? That pretty much sums up 'Parachute', this slow, silky R&B song from the Swedish brother/sister duo.

It follows their future pop banger ‘Dead or Alive’.

They say, “We wrote the music five years before we wrote the lyrics. It’s a song simply about falling head over heels for someone. When you feel like everything is moving very fast and you can’t control it. You just wanna be with that someone and nowhere else. It’s kind of scary and amazing at the same time.”

The siblings are Alva & August Heldt; she’s the singer, he’s the producer. In 2017 they signed their first songs to the popular YouTube channel/label Majestic Casual. After over 12 million streams and the release of their first EP, titled ‘Sublime’, in 2019, two EPs - and more - are coming out in 2020.

They are inspired by 1990s R&B, 1960s Motown, the good vibes that were floating around New York in the 1970s - that escape from reality that the disco era was - the poetry of everyday life and simple words. Perhaps some of those words are a little too simple. “I can’t help it but with you I’m a little girl (repeat “little girl” in childlike voice) could be considered condescending too.

But if you’re looking for a feel-good song (is there anyone who isn’t?) look no further. Dreamy, soulful, aspiring…it’s all there. They remind me of a couple of UK R&B duos, Alpines being one of them. Consider that an endorsement.

‘Parachute’ is written by August Heldt, Erik Rapp and Daniel Sandell and was released today.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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