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The Entrepreneurs 🇩🇰 - ‘Tourism’ (EP)

Just a quick feature on an EP which has been happily sitting on my New Music Playlist over the summer. 'Tourism' is the latest release from Danish noise merchants The Entrepreneurs, a trio we've featured a few times before over the last few years since they released their debut 'Tony Rominger'.

They're an interesting band, who have this ability to produce music which is both challenging yet also easy to listen to, and although I haven't had chance to se them perform live from my position across an ocean, I particularly enjoyed the intensity in the live video of their single 'Heroine'. Similarly though the acoustic version of 'A Good Year to Go Across Country' is a real favourite of mine too, showing I guess the quality and diversity of their songwriting.

Anyway the EP contains 6 tracks, one of which is a new version of 'Seagull', which was originally released on their debut EP - I think all the other tracks are originals, apologies if I have that one wrong. Highlight for me is 'Friends' with a great mix of earthy, meaty guitars and a catchy vocal chorus, whilst 'Flat Earth' is in a similar spirit, this time a sustained barrage of noise accompanies the vocals, and the effect is strangely hynotic.

A stripped back reflective version of 'Seagull' changes the atmosphere completely, whilst the curious 'Amianto' creates an atmosphere which should draw you right into their music.

Another good release from the Danish outfit that's well worth checking out, an interesting compilation of tracks which shows the diversity in styles the band now covers. It's been released through Crunchy Frog.

Find them on Facebook or Bandcamp.


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