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The Flavians - ‘Ace of Base’ (single)

I’m not sure if other music blogs are bringing you this news (they really should), but the Groundhog has officially spoken (in Groundhogese obviously) and turns out that he’s seen his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter, which after the year we’ve had is hardly a surprise.

I guess all we can do is keep writing about new music, and The Flavians are always a band at least that bring a smile to my face, courtesy of their whimsical if sometimes dark lyrical content – check out ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’ and you’ll see what I mean.

They’re a 4 piece band made up of 2 Swedes, a Czech and a Brit, and they met whilst in a travellers hostel in Berlin. Their debut album ‘Ordinary People in an Ordinary World’ is definitely worth s listen, and they’ve played some impressive gigs, even making a Glastonbury appearance in 2019.

Anyway new track ‘Ace of Base’ is described as ‘an Americana-tinged nod to the carefree, yet monotonous experience of idling away the best years of your life in rural Sweden. A classic story of dreaming big in a small town’.

It’s an attractive mix of 60s influenced melodies, cool quirky lyrics that roll off the tongue and it ends with a psychedelic tinged instrumental outro. Maybe ends a little suddenly , but hey it’s another good song (although probably not their best) from a band that I have a lot of time for.

It’s the 1st track off a new EP, which we look forward to, although I’m not sure whether that’s due to appear during the 6 extra dark winter weeks or after. Anyway, too early or late for flapjacks?

They're on Facebook and Instagram.


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