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The Late Arthur (Sweden) - ‘Perfect Wave’ (single)

I guess it was the name The Late Arthur that 1st appealed to me, given I do have a liking for the curious and quirky. And after having released tracks with names such as ‘The Four Tops Saved My Life’ and ‘Skateboards and Sex’, they’re clearly a band who possibly look at life from a slightly offbeat perspective.

I say ‘band’, because actually I think The Late Arthur are predominantly based around one artist, the Swedish American musician Henrik Jonzon, who spends his days producing and songwriting for artists such as Sigrid, Jacob Frohde and others, and then his evenings writing his own jangly indie pop tracks – and skateboarding I’m guessing.

The result is infectiously likeable songs that fit in with some of the more melodic British indie bands like Dodgy and Teenage Fanclub, and latest track ‘Perfect Wave’ is great fun, with a killer chorus and easy to learn lyrics that will stick in your mind. Nothing too groundbreaking, but just irresistible indie guitar pop that I’d happily listen to every day.

This is ‘Perfect Wave’.

I hope there’s an album at some point, as I really like simple indie mayhem that is The Late Arthur, and Henrik writes good tunes.

Find him on Facebook.


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