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The Legends (ft Pernilla Andersson) - 'Save Yourself' (single)

We wrote about The Legends previously last September, when the Johan Angergård led project released ‘Looking for Love’ a short but sweet song that featured Karolina from his other project Club 8 – it was all a little confusing, but I liked the music which reminded me a little of ‘The Mummers’.

Now he’s back with a new song, and this time it features another guest vocalist, this time Swedish singer Pernilla Andersson, and he clearly chooses his collaborators carefully, because the track ‘Save Yourself’ seems perfectly suited to Anderssons warm, soft vocals.

Johan Angergård is one of those prolific songwriters who has churned out masses of releases over the years in different projects, and we’ve missed a few The Legends releases since we wrote about ‘Looking for Love’ – including a lovely track called ‘Fascinating’ which appears to have been a collaboration with Tan Cologne (featuring Lauren Green of Mirror Travel), whom I first read about earlier this year with excellent ‘Various Small Flames’.

Accompanying the alluring vocals, a jangling indie pop guitar accompaniment carries the track forward, mixing 60’s melodic influences with a more recent indie feel, and it has that inevitable sad and slightly sorrowful indie tone to it – the style isn’t groundbreaking, but The Legends deliver consistently attractive songs.

We’re expecting a full length album from The Legends later this year.

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