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The New Investors - 'The New Beginning' (single)

Feelium certainly had the feelgood factor (check out our review yesterday here), but Danish band The New Investors take their positivity to a different level in new track ‘The New Beginning’, their vision of a perfect dream escape from the problems of the world today.

They’re a band we haven’t covered before, although we’ve kept an eye on their progress for a while now. Copenhagen based, they’ve released 2 albums to date, ‘Last One is a Dreamer’ which was released back in 2016, followed up by ‘In Love with Everyone’ in 2018. They’re nicely written albums, a laid back mix of indie surf rock, psychedelia and dream / indie pop, check out the likes of ‘Kiss the World Goodbye’ from their first album, and ‘If Only I Could Sleep’, which has really grown on me since I first heard it a couple of years ago.

The New Beginning’ has really captured my imagination, firstly because of the subject matter, maybe a little idealistic, but something most of us would love to be able to do to an extent. They describe the song as about ‘’a group of young hippies who, on top of the apocalypse, venture into the wilderness in search of a new guiding star and a new and alternative way of life far away from growth capitalism and pandemics - a new beginning’’.

The song is appealing, easy listening indie pop, with a whopper of a tune and a good mix of synths and guitars, and they paint a convincing picture too lyrically – ‘We were truly hypnotized while the earth kept spinning round, we did fifteen thousand miles but we barely started.’’ I guess musically it has a fair few influences from indie guitar bands that I listened to as a teen, which is why it resonates, and quite simply it’s a good upbeat Friday night track for that virtual party you’re hosting. Just not quite sure about the musical fade at the end.

This is ‘The New Beginning’:

I’d probably describe myself as quite a late convert to The New Investors, so I hope we’re able to feature follow up releases – we certainly will if they’re as strong as ‘The New Beginning’.

Find them on Bandcamp, Facebook or Instagram.


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