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The School Book Depository - ‘Sunny Disposition’ (single)

The number of new releases are slowing down as we get towards the New Year, and soon I guess we need to think about wrapping up the year with some inevitable ‘lists’, maybe even one which includes our 'Album of the Year'. The thought fills me full of dread.

Both albums from the The School Book Depository have featured on previous years lists, and things are looking promising for a 2021 release given that there have been 2 new singles in the last month, the latest being the lyrically cutting ‘Sunny Disposition’.

This is an interesting one, an Americana style song which features ‘guest’ vocals from a singer we haven’t featured before, Helena Lindsten, and she really is a ‘find’, with gorgeous vocals with a distinct hint of Courteney Love. Internet searching suggests she might be (or have been) involved in a duo called ‘Riptide by Summer’, but I can’t find a lot else – not that it matters a lot, just hope we get to hear more from her with either this band or on other projects.

Anyway those lyrics. A cheery one this, which we’re assured sets out “an ironical orgy of frustration, boredom, angst and shortcomings that intentionally balances between tragedy and comedy”. I do feel the world needs a little more angst and frustration this year, so we appreciate the sentiment.

But I’ve said before about The School Book Depository, he has this ability to poke humanity with a stick rather than wallow in its misfortune, and ‘Sunny Disposition’ is typical of that style. I normally avoid tracks with gratuitous swearing, but this works, with the almost euphoric chorus “the motherf**ker just kicked me out, slammed the door and shouted out, now get the hell out of here you freak...”.

Really looking forward to to an album hopefully in 2021. And if this is the first time you’ve come across them, please check out their older material. ‘Airport Aprons’ is just classic songwriting. Also I can’t help but note that ‘Salvation‘ has just been featured on NWR, which is surely NMRs long lost American radio station cousin, based in Michigan. Good to see the word of this band is spreading slowly.

Find them on Facebook.


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