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The School Book Depository (Sweden) - ‘Spiders’ (single)

We featured Swedish artist YOHIO a few times last year as he attempted to beat the official world record for the most amount of singles released in the run up to an album - well when I mean official, I mean as judged by me anyway.

He managed 7 releases I think in the end, and fellow Swedish artist The School Book Depository clearly feels he can at least match this figure as new single ‘Spiders’ is already the 5th from his forthcoming album.

Of course I don’t begrudge this approach in the slightest, because whilst part of me still wants to be taking the Saturday morning bus to the nearest town to buy the new Cure 7 inch vinyl single, those days are long gone and if I was an artist I’d be flooding the streaming platforms and Spotify playlists with singles too.

That latest single ‘Spiders’ almost feels like the concluding track on the album, reflective, soft and with that feeling of looking forward with a hint of optimism. That’s how I read it anyway. The song certainly isn’t one of those biting commentaries on the human race that we sometimes hear from this artist. And as always it’s a lovely melodic track that builds nicely before ending with drifting instrumentals.

He’s been explaining more about the premise of the song. “It’s written from a young girl’s perspective and aims to convey that feeling when you, for the first time, expose yourself to your new-found lover with that mountain of contradictory feelings of hope, doubt, bad self-esteem and explosive happiness resonating in every fibre of your body. When you feel that everything in your life has led up to this moment and you have to take this leap of faith whether you’re ready or not.”

A slightly different track in some ways then, but still the familiar sounding Americana tinged indie pop that we like so much at NMR.

Take a listen here:

Find him on Facebook.

The artwork was specifically painted for the single release by David Kihlberg, a talented, upcoming artist born in Växjö and now residing in Gothenburg. Check out more of his paintings on:


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