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The School Book Depository - ‘You and Me’ (single)

I don’t use Facebook that much, but a lovely surprise was waiting for me when I logged in earlier, the surprise announcement of a new single from one of my favourite Swedish bands, The School Book Depository.

Given the ‘season finale’ of that reality TV show from across the pond is slowly playing out over a few days, it’s probably quite appropriate too, as there’s always been a heavily American influence in the Fredrik Solfors led project, both lyrically and in the music references – as well as in the name, quite obviously.

He’s released two albums to date, a self titled release in 2017 and the excellent ‘Bob and the Pitchfork Mob’ in 2019 and I’ve loved them both, with some individual tracks such as ‘Treadmill Heaven’, ‘Airport Aprons’ and the title track of the 2nd album being particularly lovely songs.

Actually it’s in the lower tempo songs that he really manages to generate the ‘goosebump’ moments and new single ‘You and Me’ is an upbeat track, but it’s still great fun, catchy and very much written in that distinct ‘School Book Depository’ style. Great to have him back.

This is definitely one for the new NMR Spotify playlist, which we’ll be updating with a months worth of new music tomorrow.

There was even reference to some new School Book Depository T-shirt’s on social media recently. These are clearly essential items that every good (or just mediocre) music blogger should own. Just no idea how to get hold of one though.

Find them on Facebook.


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