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The Wannadies - ‘Can't Kill The Musikk’ (single)

It’s Friday which means a new collection of singles and albums have been released, so we’ll start working our way through with just a few words on a band that don’t need much of an introduction, The Wannadies, from Sweden.

Clearly these guys have a long history behind them, huge favourites from way back to 1988 when they first formed, with 6 albums behind them, extensive tours and festival appearances across Europe, including Glastonbury in 2000.

Can't Kill The Musikk’ is a brand new release from the band, but it’s been timed to coincide with the rerelease of that 6th album ‘Before And After’, which first appeared as a Scandinavia only release in late 2002 before a subsequent UK release on Cooking Vinyl on 2003. Now to be released as a black and white propeller vinyl package, 500 copies will include ‘Can’t Kill The Musikk’ on a 7’ single.

It’s good fun, infectiously catchy and easy listening, with a fairly simple premise behind it too, as Pär Wiksten from the band explains: ”Music is the strongest art form. Try turning off the sound when you’re watching a movie or getting married without it or pausing a band. You can’t stop it.”

Take a listen here.

Good to see these guys back, and you can find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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