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'This Heel' - 'Somewhat Lighter (Death to This Heel') single

I wrote about ‘The Legends’ yesterday, with their songwriter Johan Angergård being one of those prolific writers of music that seems to be constantly churning out new material. It got me thinking of others in a similar vein, notably Finnish musician Rami Vierula just popping up with a triple album (under his 23:23 guise) a few years back, and the name of Martin Månsson Sjöstrand also sprung to mind – he’s recently released material under the name of Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio, Dog Paper Submarine and also under the This Heel moniker.

It was no surprise really then to discover a brand new single from This Heel released today, entitled ‘Somewhere Lighter (Death to This Heel)’, and it’s another growling, fuzzy guitar lo-fi style indie rock number, with enough of a 'pop' melody to make it listenable, interesting chord progressions and a rampantly chaotic instrumental section – always the highlight for me, and you can tell Martin Månsson Sjöstrand just loves writing them too.

On the first few listens it hasn't quite appealed to me as much as the inspired ‘Fly Me Back to Suspended Animation’, but they’re both highly entertaining, especially if you like your indie music warped and slightly leftfield.

This is ‘Somewhere Lighter (Death to This Heel)’:

Apparently the next Dog, Paper, Submarine album is to be the last (which is a huge shame), but I’d be willing to bet a few schillings that he’s got other projects lined up to replace them, including of course more from 'This Heel'.

Find 'This Heel' on Bandcamp or Facebook.


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