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Thursday Round Up (Folk) - Ayna Errboe 🇩🇰, being Anne 🇺🇸 & Wilhelm Tell Me 🇩🇪, Real Ones 🇳🇴, Sambina 🇺🇸 🇵🇭 , Signe Vange 🇩🇰 (singles)

So here's a mix of new Folk influenced releases from both Nordic regions and across the world we've been listening to this week. We look forward to some brand new Album and Single releases tomorrow:

Ayna Errboe - 'Loving You From Far Away"

Having read Ayna's story he's instantly one of my new favourite musicians, a genuine traveling troubadour who's spent his life travelling, performing on streets and writing music, sometimes alone and sometimes with other musicians he's met on his journey. New track 'Loving You From Far Away' is gorgeously delicate, simple and I promise you'll fall in love with his vocals.

being Anne & Wilhelm Tell Me - 'what did you do"

Similarly to Ayna Errboe, German but USA born musician being Anne is another musical troubadour of sorts, and in her latest release 'what did you do', she teams up with fellow German band Wilhelm Tell Me - they haven't been active for a while, but previously collaborated with one of our favourite Nordic artist Meadows. Anyway being Anne and Wilhelm Tell Me sound great together in this this melancholic but still catchy new track.

Real Ones - Stop the War

We featured Bergen band Real Ones last year when they released a lovely album 'Love your Mother'. Now they're back with the powerful 'Stop The War', which they say is 'written in sympathy with those who go to bed each night not knowing whether they or their loved ones will be wiped out by a bomb before sunrise.

Sambina - 'Bug Song'

American / Filipino musician Sambina has written a song about a bug that lives on her shoulder, which sounds like something Finnish artist Catself would write. But of course it's not an actual bug, there's a deeper meaning here, as Sambina tries to come to terms with her father's death and in particular the guilt when moments of joy are consumed with that feeling that she's betraying her fathers memory by being momentarily happy. Her conclusion is beautifully expressed: 'It’s okay if I experience joy and happiness and sadness and anger and that doesn’t make me any better or worse of a grieving person.' I need to remember this. Anyway 'Bug Song' has got a lovely listenable tune and the lyrics are just perfect.

Signe Vange - 'Canada'

We haven't featured Danish songwriter Signe Vange on these pages previously, a dreamy, ethereal folk artist who released her new track 'Canada' just last week. It's a soft evocative track, but there's a preciseness in every note and every instrumental contribution, a handcrafted feel to the song that makes you want to appreciate every nuance and expressive vocal. She released a lovely EP in 2021 called 'Human' that's worth listening to, check out 'To Recieve' in particular.

Anyway, lots of new album releases tomorow. And singles. Take care. NMR.


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