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  • David Bentley

Tiergarten 🇳🇴 - ‘The Millions’ (single)

I’ve overused the analogy of the lack of new songs coming out of an artist, band or even a country and then along come a convoy of them like busses. And that is what has happened with three of the ex-members of Norway’s Katzenjammer.

Only last week we had the new EP from Sol Heilo, ‘Solstice’, which we dutifully reviewed and now I learn that Ms Heilo will stream a couple of songs from it in a live show on Sunday evening (20th June), 8pm CET, which is 7pm in the UK. You can access it on her Facebook page, or here:

It has to be better than watching Listeria vs. Xenophobia in the Euros, doesn’t it?

Then today I read that Marianne Sveen’s album CD has been despatched to her, complete with a fancy lyric sheet. Unfortunately it isn’t officially released until October but we know for sure it is on its way.

To top it all Anne Marit Bergheim has also emerged again today, with one of her bands, Tiergarten. It’s easy to think of Anne Marit as being one of the least active of her old band mates but between Tiergarten and TeleGram she keeps herself busy. Tiergarten isn’t only Anne Marit of course. Other band members are Mats Rybø (who was a composer and lyricist on the first Katzenjammer album, ‘Le Pop’ and on some tracks on their second and third albums), also Odd Kristian Svedal, Stian Sveen (no relation to Marianne)and Trine Skullestad Hølland .

Rybø actually formed Tiergarten, in 2014, and acts as a vocalist although seemingly not on this song. Their 2016 debut album, ‘Oslo Exit Baby’, was considered one of the albums of that year in Norway (and was part-produced by Marianne Sveen; these Norwegians know how to keep it in the family). And that reminds me that Marianne was also helping Anne Marit with her own debut album the last I heard, yet another project.

Powerful electronica is what they are all about and Tiergarten don’t disappoint here with what has the hallmarks of a Eurovision song with a pulsating electronic beat, catchy melody and attention-grabbing vocal. It is perhaps just a tad too long at close to five minutes without more variety in its construction but that’s no big deal in the overall scheme of things. I don’t know if another album is on the way but let’s hope so.

Find them on Facebook.


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