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Tine Taule (Norway) - 'Midnight Serenade’

We haven’t featured Tine Taule before, but she’s an established vocalist and songwriter from Bergen, and new single ‘Midnight Serenade’ is a striking and bold new song from an album that is due for release on June 4th – to be entitled ‘Black Heart’.

It’s probably not the style of song that I’d naturally reach for, but it has such a classic timeless feel to it that I’ve found it impossible not to be drawn in, and she possesses a voice that is powerful yet warm and intimate too, which makes the song really easy to listen to.

I can’t claim to be an expert in her previous releases, but I think the style of this latest song suits her vocals perfectly. Laid back with a huge sweeping cinematic quality to it, I also particularly like the rich instrumental arrangements that back up the vocals, and the excellent sounding production adds to the quality of the track too.

Very different from recent releases we’ve featured in NMR, but the wide variety hopefully keeps things interesting.

‘Midnight Serenade’ was recorded at her own Piper Studios, and includes musical contributions from Einar Sogstad, Magne Trengereid and Kai Taule.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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