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Tracks of the Week 14/11

Thelma's Dream - 'Days of Bloom'

I always loving come across new Finnish bands, and Thelma's Dream have a nostalgic Indie sound, yet in new track 'Days of Bloom' still manage to conjure up something that feels refreshing and a little bit different. The song is the title track from their debut EP, and the ethereal misty sound with echoing guitars takes me right back to the 90's, but as I always say 'it's all about the tunes', and vocalist Jennamiia delivers a melody that cuts right through the instrumentals. Shoegaze can be catchy apparently.

Lysning - Endelig

Norwegian duo Lysning have a different approach to their songwriting, building up tracks firstly using bass, drums and synths, and in 'Endelig' have created a natural free flowing song, where it feels like every instrumental sound has been considered carefully and even sparingly. Lyrically the song takes a gently optimistic tone, setting out the feeling when things start to look that 'little brighter'. Really interesting and clever songwriting I think, and look forward to further releases.

Blod - Arv och miljö

This one might take a couple of listens, but it's definitely worth sticking with, a laid back indie / kraut rock track from Swedish 4 piece Blod, Inspired by the likes of My Bloody Valentine and bob hund (as every band should be, Swedish or not), they create melodic tracks with pretty wonderful sounding guitars. Lyrically Arv och miljö considers how we blame flaws sometimes on both nature and nurture.

More next week. Hopefully.


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