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Tribe Friday - ‘Sleepwalking’ (from EP ‘Waiting for a Sign’)

I really enjoyed getting to know the Hey Elbow album, but it was a little ‘chewy’ in places, so here’s a catchy number that’s much quicker to digest.

Young Swedish outfit Tribe Friday have just released their new EP ‘Waiting for a Sign’, a bold, brash and tuneful set of indie guitar power pop songs that are pretty much guaranteed to have you dancing around your kitchen.

Impressively it’s their 2nd EP of the year, a follow up to ‘Chasing Pictures’ which was released back in March, whilst pre-Covid the band have played gigs in a Europe and USA, as well as song nominated as Framtidens Artist (Artist Of The Future) by Swedish national radio station P3.

I get the radio-friendly nature of their songs too, as concluding track ‘Sleepwalking’ from that new EP demonstrates. I will keep screaming it from the rooftops, but it really is all about the tunes, and that’s what Tribe Friday do well. For sure it lands somewhere in the direction of The Fratellis with a hint of Arctic Monkeys, and they’re mixing a few genres rather than discovering new ones, but we all need music like this at times.

The band even celebrated the release of the EP by bursting into Medborgarplatsen, square in Stockholm in 2 vans, unloading amps and blasting out an impromptu version of track ‘Loosie’ before disappearing as quickly as they arrived. An outrageously fun and harmless publicity stunt of course, but it must have taken some nerve and planning to pull it off so effectively.

Sometimes music like this doesn’t necessarily age that well with me, but it’s great fun and definitely playlistable. We’ll squeeze it on to the new Nordic Music Review Playlist.

Find them on Facebook or Twitter.


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