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  • David Bentley

Twenty Committee – In a Rush (single)

This one is from the ‘Scandinavian collective’ Twenty Committee.

I’m not really sure what one of those is but I do know the main man is Anders Källmark, a producer who was responsible for the new EP ‘Whale’ from Swedish songstress Rebecka Reinhard, which was featured here. OK, that’s grabbed my attention.

It’s all a bit mysterious. It seems that they may - or may not - have taken their name from a counter-espionage operation, or that’s what they would like you to think anyway. It smacks of ‘Number 6’ in The Prisoner, or the pack of assassins known as ‘The 12’ in Killing Eve.

‘In a Rush’ features vocals from Chloe Rodgers, one of a batch of guest artists who make up the collective by way of rotation. Rodgers has been a regular feature in Twenty Committee’s catalogue to date, she’s a solo artist too, from Nottingham, and she wrote the song. Her own debut single was released at the beginning of September.

It’s quite a dramatic little song, developing a tension of its own which rises and falls throughout, with short sharp notes, overlaid with sounds that might have been created by the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. It would go down well with some TV crime dramas, perhaps even stage plays, especially those involving crimes of passion, where tension is being manipulated in that way. It’s intense, and darker than their previous, more ‘poppy’ output.

Chloe Rodgers’s vocals play a big part in it, too. I listened to the song several times trying to pin down who she reminded me of. Eventually I had to settle for a cross between Kate Bush and Lynsey de Paul. It’s quite a seductive voice, too.

Anders Källmark is an acclaimed music producer, composer and engineer, who has always had a direct and deliberate approach to the sound he is looking to create. Born in Sweden and a long-term resident of Stockholm now located in London, Källmark came to the UK to study before quitting, to pursue a career at Sony Classics, where he worked with composer Richard Horowitz.

‘In a Rush’ was released on 15th September.

Find them on Instagram.


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