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Urtidsdjur - ‘Vandringssång’ (single from self titled album)

We have a massive range of music to cover over the next 24 hours, appropriate given it’s our 6th birthday, and we hope to feature as many styles / genres as possible – something for everyone we hope.

We’ll start in Uppsala, the beautiful University city north of Stockholm that we’ve mentioned a few times, I think The Ghosts of Helags and In Deed hail from there, amongst others I suspect. Also based there are rock band Urtidsdjur, who I’d suggest have more traditional rock influences than many bands we feature, with a healthy nod towards progressive and psychedelic acts too.

They were formed about 3 years ago, and after a couple of single releases in 2018, they’ve gone straight for the jugular with an album, which officially was released on vinyl today, although it looks like that’s the only way to listen to the whole thing for now, as a digital release won’t follow until later. Also entitled 'Urtidsdjur', it’s being released through Gothenburg label Som Sverker Recordings.

Single ‘Vandringssång‘ (Hiking song) was released a couple of weeks ago, and although I wasn’t sure about the song at 1st listen (I think it was the harmonised melodic vocals), this has really grown on me. I like the folk inspired guitar riffs in particular, they really help carry the song along at pace and there are subtle details that make it interesting to listen to on repeat, such as the organ from the church they recorded the track. It’s got a soft prog feel to it, but doesn’t drift on endlessly like many prog tracks have a bad habit of doing.

Lyrically it’s a song about “the voyage of discovery… the treasures that will be found and sights you will see once the journey starts”. I’ll have to take their word for it on that one, the song is entirely sung in Swedish. But maybe that’s helped in getting good coverage on Swedish radio at least, and it’s already jumped up to close to 15,000 listens on Spotify.

Probably not anywhere enough revenue for a round of drinks for the 4 of them, but a promising way to mark the release of the album.

Find them on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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