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Våke - Bølger (single)

We featured a nice selection of folk influenced artists last Monday, and I was hoping to do the same this week, but unfortunately time has been limited - I’ll try and get back into the routine next week. In the meantime Våke from Norway have made a lovely impression with a track entitled ‘Bølger‘, which was actually released a couple of months back, but took a while to find a way through to us.

They’re a 3 piece band based out of Oslo, and they consist of Vårin Alme, Andreas Hvidsten and Rannveig Amundsen. Vocalist Rannveig seems to have a particularly interesting background, as a composer and music score writer, but now attention seems to be firmly on the indie folk trio, and they write easy listening tracks, with particularly interesting musical instrumentation. They released an EP entitled ‘September’ in June last year, and now they’re working their way through to a debut album.

Single ‘Bølger‘ is the 1st release from that forthcoming album, and this charmed me instantly courtesy of the lovely brass contribution at the start - I’ll guess it’s a muted trumpet, but I’m probably wrong. Strings then add a mellow texture, but they’re sensitively arranged throughout, and the combination of instruments really works well. I like the dynamic variations in the vocals too, it’s expressive and thoughtful.

As for the lyrics, well to be honest I’m not sure exactly sure as they do sing in Norwegian, but I’m told that the track reflects “living with insecurities in relationships and the demands that make on the other person.”

Based on this track I’m really looking forward to that album, which hopefully will fully utilise those lovely instrumental arrangements that the band clearly have at their fingertips.

Find them on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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