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Varvara (Finland) - ‘Sailor’ (from new album ‘Bad Acting Good’)

Whilst young Norwegian band Revolt seem to be aiming more for the anthemic stadium rock sound, Finnish act Varvara I think are more likely to be found in your local indie basement club blasting out their indie rock / power pop tracks with a few beers and having great fun doing it. It’s definitely my preferred venue of choice too.

Latest album ‘Bad Acting Good’ showcases that style of music music pretty well too, ranging from the unashamedly Pixies influenced ‘On My Way To You’ and ‘Peace’, to the slightly fuzzier pop infused ‘Winning Again’. Impressively it’s the bands 5th album, which started with ‘Southeast Relations’ and leading up to their most recent release, ‘Go’ back in 2018.

The 5 piece certainly know how to write some pretty good tunes, as opener ‘Sailor’ from that new album demonstrates. After a high intensity opening, I like the contrast to the casual laid vocals (which reminds me of fellow Finnish band The Stillwalkers), and there’s a catchy chorus and a driving instrumental section too. An indie band writing good guitar songs and proud of their influences, there’ll always be room for that type of thing on these pages.

They’ve got a video to ‘Sailor’ which you can watch here.

Find them on Facebook.


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