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Veiv (Sweden) - ‘A, It’s for Me’ (from EP ‘Beehive’)

As always there’s a good selection of new Nordic releases tomorrow, but Swedish band Veiv have sneaked in a day early with the release of their EP entitled ‘Beehive’.

It’s the latest in a series of EP’s that the Malmö trio have released over the last few years, most recently last year with ‘Bet You’re Soft’. They’re described as ‘modern Swedish grunge’, which sounds about right – certainly there’s a healthy dose of American grunge influences in there, but maybe some more recent post punk type sounds too.

Listening to the new EP today there’s probably 2 stand out tracks, the title track ‘Beehive’ which I love for the bass / guitar combination opening alone, but actually opener ‘A, It’s for Me’ that is the obvious catchy ‘playlist’ song. It’s also the song that you’ll hear most influences from yesteryear, but it’s packed full of melodies, big guitars and growling bass lines. Nothing not to like.

A few of the tracks I’ve listened to are a little haphazard, but they make a good noise and definitely the type of band I’d love to watch in a small, underground venue when all this is over. Sticky beer soaked floors are optional. They consist of Jimmy Hertzman on bass and vocals, Kristina Jellstam on guitar and backing vocals, and Andréa Holmberg on drums.

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