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'Veli' - 'Untrue (To All of You)' (single)

I had this slightly peculiar dream the other night, where all this stuff with Corona Virus had ended, and that Donald Trump was giving a press conference outside the White House, where he said 'sorry' to the entire world, that he realised he had lied, lied and lied again, that he knew he'd been an ''arsewipe'' (hey, his words, not mine) and that he would send the rest of his life correcting his mistakes. Standing next to him at the podium was my Great Uncle Ivan swigging from a bottle of Scrumpy, but maybe that's not entirely relevant to the story.

Anyway if 'The Donald' (as he apparently hates to be called, so I'll just carry on doing exactly that) does choose this approach maybe he'd care to listen to the lovely honesty of Finnish musician Veli in his new track 'Untrue (To All of You)', where the words are just expressed in such an endearing and thoughtful manner, that immediately I warm to his songwriting.

We haven't directly written about Veli before, but he has contributed to the work of artists we've featured, including the amazing Astrid Swan as a bass player, and previously he was in Finnish indie band Red Carpet. Apparently he has a wealth of unreleased material written, and 'Untrue (To All of You)' is the 2nd single released from his forthcoming album 'I Am Changing', the first was entitled 'The Director', which you can listen to on Bandcamp or Spotify.

'Untrue (To All of You)' opens quite unobtrusively so you do need to stick with it, and it's probably those lyrics which are centre stage in the opening parts of the track - ''People always think that I'm such a funny guy, always joking and ready for a good time, but what they don't know is that I lied to everyone I know.'' But then the string quartet which has sat quietly in the background blossoms and will sweep you away with a lush, middle section that is utterly gorgeous - really genuinely lovely arrangements, that remind me a little of The Divine Comedy.

This is 'Untrue (To All of You)'

We will try to cover the album release from Veli, because he has a straightforward gentle approach to his songwriting that I like, and I hope we'll get to hear more of the string quartet too.

Find him on Bandcamp or Facebook.


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