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Verkligheten - 'Början på slutet' (single) from album Låt oss falla tillsammans

I have tried to feature songs over the years that are written in their native Nordic language, although I realise I often do miss a critical component of the song, especially when my attempts to translate via Google inevitably result in a misunderstanding of the lyrics intentions. Sometimes the music just appeals to me so much I don't care so much anyway, Bob Hund being a good example, and fellow Swedish band Verkligheten have released an almost equally absorbing track entitled 'Början på slutet'.

Thankfully the duo behind Verkligheten have explained more about the songs lyrical intentions anyway - ''it embodies the feeling when your words fall on deaf ears and screaming so loud but getting nothing but silence for an answer. 'Början på slutet' is that scream into nothingness, with honest lyrics delivered through a distorted, ambient soundscape.''

Now in comparison to some of the stuff I listen to, I'm not quite so sure about the 'distorted, ambient soundscape' they refer to, because to me it's a high energy song which almost has a stadium, anthemic feel to it, and a sense of pleading / desperation in the vocals which hopefully will make you relate to the theme of the sing more, and gives it some intensity too. But maybe I'm going into too much detail, it's just a very listenable and enjoyable track, that you should enjoy even if you're not a fluent Swedish speaker.

This is 'Början på slutet'

The track is the single from their brand new album which was released last week, entitled "Låt oss falla tillsammans", which flies through at a relentless high pace, full of catchy tunes and balanced by some melancholy sounding vocals - take a listen to tracks such as 'Vi hade tid' and the excellent guitar driven 'Aldrig du' and you'll see what I mean. I've really enjoyed listening to this today and regret not having chance to do a full review.

You can find them on Facebook.


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