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Video of the Week: Army of Moths - ‘Moth-ership’ (from album ‘By Word of Moth’)

So a man walks into an opticians and says “I keep thinking I’m a moth”, to which the optician responds “I’m sorry to hear it, but I think you need a psychiatrist not an optician”. The man replies “yes I know, but your light was on’.

It’s a terrible joke of course, but the Army of Moths won’t mind, after all they have just released a video to a track entitled ‘Moth-ership’, a centrepiece song from their new album ‘By Word of Moth’, a follow up to the much loved ‘Sorry to Disturb You’ – released 2 years ago.

Whilst previously we’d featured the Manchester / Glasgow based band in our Non Nordic section, things have taken a turn in the Norwegian direction since their last album, with the new release offering additional guitar, mixing and mastering by Andre Lund in Bergen. And now the video ‘Moth-ership has been produced by Norwegian Edvard Stein, with wonderful psychedelic sequences, and which seems to suit the ‘Moths’ style perfectly.

Mothership’ is one of my favourite releases off the new album, but it’s a really weighty release with 15 tracks, with other highlights including ‘Savage Horses’ and ‘Anyone’. Definitely one of my favourite album releases this year, irrespective of whether it’s Nordic or really Non Nordic.

You can purchase the album CD here on Bandcamp, but keep an eye on these pages, because Nordic Music Review will be giving away one of the prized discs in an exclusive, once in a lifetime competition - sometime in the next couple of months.

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