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  • David Bentley

Video of the week: Eivør (Faroe Islands) – ‘Truth’ live (track from 2020 album Segl)

What’s this, two Faroese artists (Lena Anderssen and Eivør) in quick succession? And Brimheim only a few weeks back? Faroe is the new Iceland. And there’s less chance you’ll get fried by a volcano suddenly erupting under your feet.

YouTube is good for something. Out of the blue I received a notification, the first I think I ever had, suggesting I watch a new video, of Faroese legend Eivør performing live the track ‘Truth’ from her 2020 album ‘Segl’. One of these Big Tech oligarchs must be watching what we’re writing about at NMR - good to know; just don’t cancel us.

And that led me on to check out what is happening with Eivør, whom we last encountered a couple of months ago supporting Lydmor on a track on her new album. And lo and behold, she embarks on a huge tour at the back end of September to promote ‘Segl’, albeit belatedly, visiting Manchester, London and Glasgow on 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of October respectively.

It is so long ago that I last wrote about forthcoming gigs that I honestly thought I never would again. Indian mutation sod off, you’re corona non grata here.

And so to the song and video. According to her socials she started the song in Denmark with the chorus, which was all it was for some time. Then the verses, lyrics and choir were added in Las Vegas and the production was completed in her grandmother’s basement in the Faroe Islands. It is the first song for which she has written a string arrangement. As well as being the first anywhere polished off in a granny flat.

It concerns “finding the big treasures in life where you least expect them.”

Surrounded as always by excellent musicians what stands out even more are her fabulously distinctive chops. Even if there is some technical assistance added to her vocals during parts of this song as I suspect there might be, for example the slight echo, it still sends a tingle down the spine.

Her style isn’t easy to pigeon hole and she’s employed a multitude of genres during her career, while always remaining faithful to her original musical roots which lie in her native country and its folk ballads.

I can understand why Lydmor asked her to collaborate. Whether she’s singing solo or complementing someone else Eivør always brings to the party her incomparable, unique voice, and genuine passion.

Eivør’s full tour schedule can be found here: And she’s also on Facebook:


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