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  • David Bentley

Video of the Week: The Ghost of Helags (Sweden) – Chemistry live

It occurred to me that, like many others I’m sure, the first anniversary of my last live gig(s) is fast coming up.

In my case it was 29th February last year and the venue was Oslo’s By: Larm showcase festival, a 'reet proper do' as we say in Oldham.

The second last performer was Lydmor, whose latest release from her forthcoming album we featured recently. And the very last one was the charming Stella Explorer, who, I just discovered, spent a mammoth eight-hour session playing love songs in a Stockholm hotel on Valentine’s Day. You can check out her rendition of Foreigner’s ‘I want to know what love is’ on her personal Facebook page, Stella Cartriers.

And it is the continuing absence of live shows which prompts me to post this performance (also on Valentine’s Day) from The Ghost of Helags in Berlin. It is part of the Die Supererbin programme Supergraben, a sort of chat/guest show.

Apart from Helags’ debut album, ‘We came from the Stars’ which is out on 12th March, perhaps, just perhaps, we might have some real live shows of theirs to attend before long. I do believe this is the only recording of a live performance from them that I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

The glamour of singer Teresa Woischiski is carbon-offset by her partner in crime Jon Alexander Ericson, who looks like Benny from Crossroads here, if anyone can remember him. Incidentally, Jon’s solo project (Helax) EP, ‘But it wasn’t a dream. It was real’ is also out in March.

What with Teresa wearing her fur coat and Benny, sorry Jon, in his beanie hat it must have been as chilly in Berlin as it was here.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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