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Von Andersson Noise System - ‘Gasoline Party’ (single)

We’re heading towards our August summer, and it’s already noticeable that the releases from labels, especially the bigger ones have started to dry up. So you can probably expect even more ‘pure indie’ releases over the next couple of weeks, and Von Andersson Noise System is probably a good place to start, with their new single ‘Gasoline Party’.

Behind the name is Henrik Von Andersson, a Stockholm musician, who’s been playing on the Indie music scene for a good few years, including Swedish band Away, whom I would listen to, if only google wasn’t trying to sell me replica Sweden ‘Away’ Football kits instead.

Thankfully Von Anderson Noise System is far easier to search for, and they’ve released a couple of singles in the last year, starting with 2 track EP ‘Distortion’, an indie shoegaze inspired release, and the heavier ‘Open Up and Say Ah’, which has a thumping growling guitar riff that’s up with the best thumping growling guitar riffs. He is influenced by bands such as Grandaddy, as well as the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, and that definitely shows in these releases.

New track ‘Gasoline Party’ invites listeners to start ‘’getting up, getting activated and demanding changes to everything that’s wrong in society—such as racism and other inequalities’, although it was written well before the recent Black Lives Matter protests. It’s a high energy, driven track with melodic 90s ‘indie’ vocals, and whilst the track is a little one dimensional, it’s an enjoyable listen. Loud guitars and ‘tunes’ are always going to find favour with me, and that definitely appears to be the Von Anderson Noise System approach.

Take a listen here.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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