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  • David Bentley

Want to help create a music video? Check-in here with Lydmor

In an innovative and unusual move the Danish singer/songwriter/performance artist Lydmor is inviting global public collaboration on a music video for a new song, ‘The Gadget Song.’

The idea seems to have arisen out of the partnership she began with a group of fans on her ‘Lydmor’s Friends’ private group Facebook page during the lockdown in Denmark. The writer, who follows thus artist closely, was party to it and it was fascinating to watch, almost day by day, how a very productive artist reacted to unfolding events, isolated in her Copenhagen apartment; the highs and lows (and there were plenty of both).

She performed many live ‘isolation survival’ streams during the eight weeks or so of that lockdown, the first being a piano/synth-based show out of a promoter’s flat in the same city which was quite extraordinary as she ranged between ecstasy and plumbing the depths of despair, on several occasions breaking down in tears or having to compose herself (on top of everything else a huge production with a dance troupe she had written had been cancelled and then a relationship suddenly ended; you really felt for her).

Check out this link below for one of the streams (starts at -58:50).

Later she went AWOL for over a week, causing more concern, and then returned to do almost daily streams in one of which she pioneered the concept of having the fans help her write a song, which ran for several more sessions together with various other online co-creation projects. Since the lockdown ended she’s even hosted competitions for fans to win free ‘home performances’.

I really hope this can be chronicled so that musicians/artists have a benchmark from which to work from, the next time this happens. I can’t think of a better way of winning new fans.

‘The Gadget Song’ is, she says, a song written for the rainy days where you stay indoors and do small creative projects playing with your gadgets. ”I’ve been flirting with co-creation with my super fans during the Covid-19 lockdown. It's been a very inspiring and creative process. I like letting go of my own expectations for a while and letting art involve in the space that is between people. It is exciting that I right now don't really know what the video is going to end up like. That is up to the people participating”.

A part of ‘The Gadget Song’ is now available for online streaming, in order to inspire fellow creatives around the globe to participate in the co-creation of a video for the song.

The idea is that people video film themselves or items dancing to the music. Then upload the small clip to an online folder for others to see and get inspired by each other. In the end there will be a lot of small video clips with mutual inspiration, which will be edited together to a music video.

I’ve heard the sample of the song, its typical Lydmor though perhaps a trifle lighter in tone.

In the meantime, if you’d like to be part of the video process you can sign up at this Website.

And find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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