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Where Did Nora Go (Denmark) - ‘Returning’ (single)

The list of artists we’ve never quite got to writing about is seemingly endless. Where Did Nora Go is a songwriter who made a huge impression when she arrived on the music scene way back in 2012 with her EP ‘Away, Away, Away’, released 2 acclaimed albums and then returned in 2019 with her EP ‘Womb of Life’.

Along the way she got nominated for Danish Female Artist Of the Year, Artist of the Year and Pop Release of the Year. That’s pretty much the full collection.

I’ve loved listening to some of her older releases today, although nothing feels ‘old’ as such, even though her style has evolved over the years. ‘She Loves’ from 2019 is a stunning track, and I’m just really sorry we never wrote about it at the time.

Latest release ‘Returning’ has taken a little longer to grow on me, but I think that’s because it is just that little bit unusual, with such a dreamy, ethereal, laid back atmospheric feel, never overly obtrusive synths and vocals that soar upwards, sideways and away into another dimension altogether. For sure, I’ve read the comparisons with Kate Bush and Björk, but mainly I think because those artists are so distinct and different, and Where Did Nora Go doesn’t sound quite like anything I’ve heard.

And of course, we approve of that.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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