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Yehra 🇩🇰 - ‘Dirty Love’ (single)

I guarantee you’ll like this or I’ll refund half your monthly NMR subscription fee. Yehra have released just 2 singles, but they’ve already been featured in both NME and none other than Indie Shuffle, the Godfather of Indie Music Blogs.

They’re a duo based around Danish producer Rasmus Liebst and Barbadian born but Canadian based Jen Mahon, who’ve worked together on different projects previously, before launching Yehra as an official ‘thing’ this year. Oh and they’ve never actually met, conversing entirely long hand using quill, parchment and Airmail – well they say they’re ‘pen pals sending ideas across the Atlantic’, so that's what I like to believe anyway.

They debuted with ‘Daydreaming’ in February, followed it up with ‘Magnetic’ in April, and now the soulful ‘Dirty Love’, which I like even more than the last two, an attractive fusion of styles that incorporates Mahon’s Caribbean influences and Liebst’s refined Nordic electronica. The result is a track that is particularly laid back and easy on the ear, and the soft velvety vocals just gorgeous throughout. It’s no wonder everyone has fallen for their music so quickly.

We look forward to future releases, dependent of course on Air Canada’s reliability in delivering the manuscripts - I’ll keep an eye out on MySpace anyway.

’Dirty Love’ was released today and you can find them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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