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Yellow Honey Dew - ‘Beach Hope’ (single)

The thought processes behind indie band names will always intrigue me, most groups sound like they’ve had their name conceived after way too many late night beers in a bar, mainly because they’ve been conceived after too many late night beers in a bar. So I guess it’s reassuring that Danish band Yellow Honey Dew appear to have thought of their name whilst shopping in the fruit aisle at their local Lidl, although why the label on a melon triggered the idea is a mystery, at least for now.

Somehow they’ve stumbled upon a name that does sound like it could be a psychedelic indie band too, and there’s a hint of psych in their sound, at least in the opening of new song ‘Beach Hope’, which was released last Friday.

Anyway I also need to introduce them, because they’re a new name to both NMR and to an extent to the Nordic Music scene, although they have played a good few gigs in Denmark and a couple of festivals too. A 4 piece band based around 2 brothers and 2 more friends they formed in 2017, released a single ‘Viva la Vista’ in 2018, and the new song is the 1st from their debut EP, which will be entitled ‘When Tomorrow Comes’.

I’ll keep saying it, but it really is all about the ‘tunes’, and ‘Beach Hope’ has a particularly strong one at the heart of the song. It’s a laid back and dreamy track that reminds me vocally of Finnish band Koria Kitten Riot, although the ‘Honeys’ have a more expansive sound than the ‘Kittens’. I like it, they’re not afraid to take their time with the song and let it grow.

This is ‘Beach Hope’.

We’ve got so much to cover in the next few months, but we’ll try and cover the EP if time allows.

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