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YOHIO - 'Daydreams' (single)

We haven’t heard from our favourite Swedish artist YOHIO for at least a few weeks, but his new single ‘Daydreams’ is here and it’s another ‘classic’ and extravagant pop song from the artist who churns out singles quicker than I get through traditional Devonshire Rhubarb Marmalade.

‘Daydreams’ is the 7th single from his forthcoming album, which might seem slightly excessive, but actually the build up is such that I’m now really looking forward to listening to the whole thing together – and who can blame him for taking this approach through lockdown. We also have a release date for the album, which is to be entitled 'A Pretty Picture in a Most Disturbing Way', and released on October 9th.

I think I may have said previously that there is a hint of Jellyfish in YOHIO’s music, and you can definitely hear that in ‘Daydreams’ which has an instantly likeable and catchy chorus, and whilst it is slightly more simple in its structure than tracks such as ‘My Nocturnal Serenade’, it still has some of the big instrumental flourishes that YOHIO loves so much.

I can imagine this latest album will be pretty impressive live, and I really hope he gets to perform to his huge young fanbase soon.

This is ‘Daydreams’:

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And YOHIO has already been added to the brand new Nordic Music Review Indie Playlist, which you can find here.


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