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Yune - 'Maple' (single)

I have no idea when (or if...) we will ever have chance to catch up from the new releases from last Friday, because they just keep on streaming in, and the quality is pretty high too. Amongst them is a new track ‘Maple’ from Danish band Yune, one of my favourite ‘new’ bands from the last few months, and I’m looking forward to their debut album release in May.

Of course Yune are not really ‘new’, they’ve been playing together for well over 3 years, developing a reputation as a good live act, playing the normal Nordic festivals for new festivals (SPOT etc), and we’ve featured them a few times also – firstly in November last year.

I’ve enjoyed re-acquainting myself with their collection of tracks on streaming services, there’s about 6 now, and I’m anticipating that a good few of them will be on the new album, which incidentally has been produced by Nis Bysted (Thulebasen, Iceage).

New track ‘Maple’ again demonstrates the bands ability to surprise, a dark track that will have you sitting uncomfortably on the edge of your seat, looking warily around you. A grumbling synth stalks the track, with the subtlest of instrumental contributions from, for example, a flute and there’s some clever surges in the dynamics, particularly at the end, which notches up the intensity and feeling of unease. But through it all I still find the melody and guitar gets inside my head, so it’s all fairly listenable too. I’m not quite sure there’s anyone out there with a sound quite like them, although vocally at times I’m reminded a little of Fufanu from Iceland.

Their debut album will be released on 22nd May, and it’s called ‘Agog’.


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