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Our preferred method for submissions is via the excellent music platform SubmitHub. Please have a look....:

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If you wish to send us information directly you can still do so at There's some guidance below you might, or might not find useful.


1) THANK YOU!  Please keep sending stuff through to us and thank you so much for every mail, really. 

2) You don't have to send much, just a bit of info on what you're releasing, with a link to Soundcloud / Spotify / Bandcamp, plus a Facebook page or something so we can have a look at what you've been up to. Formal Press Releases with everything on them are great but not always essential.  Always include the Release Date details so we know what we're working to.

3) We do prioritise Albums releases, then EP's and new Artist introductions and singles after that. 

4) We do listen to everything, but please accept our apologies if we don't get back to you, we simply don't have the capacity to feature everything, and hope you understand. I can't emphasise how bad that makes us feel, because I know how passionately you all care about your music, but the reality is we're a part time music website and we have jobs, families, and some really terrible football teams to support at weekends.

5) Just to state the obvious, we really are a Nordic Music site, and would prefer not to have submissions on non Nordic music.

6) Thanks for reading! Please send us your music!