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Thea and the Wild 'Strangers and Lovers'

Thea and the Wild is the showcase for Norwegian singer and songwriter Thea Glenton Raknes,, and there's no doubt she has a bright future ahead of her. After some highly reviewed live shows and her singles getting Norwegian radio airplay, her full length album Strangers and Lovers has now been released.

It's full-on 10 tracks of relentless indie pop, with catchy choruses and easy listening melodies. It's more Darling Buds than Florence and the Machine, although behind the sugary sweetness of the vocals and tunes, there's just a hint of darkness in the lyrics - 'I have known it along I need shadows to grow', but for the most part this is unapologeticly feel good pop. And it's well worth a listen if that's how you like your music.

Singles Ropes, Hots for You and Mourning Song stand out, whilst the highlight of the album Cry Sometimes is worthy of all your new music playlists. Whilst her songs need more bite and edge for my liking,, she clearly has a stage presence and vocal talent that will make her popular on the live circuit, and her songs are perfect for radio airplay. Thea Glenton Raknes is definitely a name worth remembering.

NMR 7/10

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