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The Makeshift Temporaries, 'The Makshift Temporaries'

Danish band The Makeshift Temporaries have released their debut album on Avalve Records, a small label based in Copenhagen. Whilst their eponymous new album wont be featuring on any major award lists this year, they've produced a likeable Rock album with a stream of radio-friendly type songs from start to finish.

'I came prepared' starts strongly, Andreas Larsons vocals are convincing and most of the tracks such as'Sorry is the Word' have good melodies, which always helps a mainstream rock album such as this . The single released before the Album 'When the City Falls' is worthy of most Rock playlists.

The Makeshift Temporaries have a good guitar rock sound, and we love the sound of this small record label, so definitely worth a few pennies downloading some tracks for your latest playlist.

Nordic Music Review 7/10

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