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The Janitors 'Evil Doings of an Evil Mind' EP

Any band that describes themselves as ‘Evil Shoegaze Boogie-Woogie’ is immediately worthy of our attention, and Swedish band The Janitors are without question the greatest Evil Shoegaze Boogie-Woogie band we’ve ever had the fortune to listen to. Their new EP ‘Evil Doings of an Evil Mind’ is a completely awe-inspiring astounding blaze of noise.

‘Greed’ launches straight into a blistering 8 mins 20 of layer upon layer of guitar sound, driving rhythms and sounds repetitiously into the mind, whilst ‘Here they Come’ somehow gleefully skips and mocks darkly through its 7 minutes of haze. There are a number of 80s and 90S bands we could glean influences from, but in their own right The Janitors have created a blistering and unique vision and sound.

A recent trip to the UK (which we sadly missed) received great reviews, and we hope they come back soon…. a further album is also planned, and this time we’ll be waiting.

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