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New Music 'The Sun Days' and 'ATOMBOMB'

Swedish band ‘The Sun Days’ have a fantastic jangly, indie guitar sound that reminds me of years growing up listening to bands such as The Primitives, The Darling Buds and perhaps even Lush. The formula isn’t over complicated, but the results are great fun, catchy indie pop songs that are impossible not to like in my book.

Early singles ‘(Get him) off your mind’ and ‘Don’t need to be them’ demonstrate good songwriting skills, the band has a very natural sound and the female fronted vocals are both strong and easy on the ear. The band tell us that they’re busy in the studio recording their new album which they hope to release in the new year, and that they’re determined to get some live gigs in Europe and further afield. We look forward to the results of their hard work.

If you like more of an edge to your music, then fellow Swedish band ATOMBOMB have a more traditional indie rock sound, harsher guitars and less sweet but very effective vocals from Jenny Hagvil. Their debut singles ‘At the Deep End’ and ‘Idlewild’ demonstrate a band who are confident in their style, and they have an intensity to them that I imagine would make them great live,

The singles only came out last week, and the band are working on new material with the aim of a bigger release next year. Check them out below.

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