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New Bands of the Day - Nora Konstanse, White Balance, Graalum, Jaguar Shoes

More info on this weeks 'Bands / Artists of the Day' as set on twitter... @nordicmusicview

Our latest New Artist of the Day (no 19) is the very talented Nora Konstanse. The Norwegian born Folk Rock /Pop singer moved to Liverpool to develop her musical career 3 years ago, and with a couple of songs on Itunes / Spotify and a stream of gigs, shes already made a significant impression. Her lovely debut video ‘Wonder’ is now out, so we thought that was a good time to feature her, and her single will be released officially in February 2015. Next year shes planning to relocate back to Norway, but her combination of strong folk vocals and excellent song writing supported by her band, is likely to make her a big hit.

Finnish Electronic based duo White Balance were our next New Artist of the day (no 18). The Helsinki based duo comprising of Ilari Heinilä & Maaria Nuoranne released their first single exactly one year ago, and it was their follow up ‘Crowds’ which was released a couple of months ago which caught our attention, supported by an excellent video. Unsigned and self produced, White Balance have a style and presence about them, with hypnotic vocals at the fore, and we’ll be really interested to hear about future releases and plans. Find out more here:

Norwegian Guitar Pop trio Graalum were our next New Band of the Day (no 17). Their latest single ‘Speed of Summer’ was released last week, and the home studio project has already produced an impressive series of melancholy Indie Pop tunes, available on Itunes and Spotify. ‘Days of the Six’ was their first single released in June 2014 and probably the strongest of the releases so far, and you can check them out for yourself from their website:

Finally our New Band of the Day (no 16) were Jaguar Shoes, a Swedish Indie Rock band with just one song I could track down online called ‘Thank you, Goodnight’, but its pretty impressive. They begin recording a debut album in Feb 2015, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for these guys too.

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