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New Bands of the Day - 'Inge Bremnes, 'I Think We're Poets', 'Moonswing', &#

A round up of this weeks New Artists / Bands of the Day from @nordicmusicview

Working in reverse order this week, our New Artist No 23 was Inge Bremnes, a Norwegian born singer songwriter living in Liverpool, UK. We’ve been aware of him for sometime, but the release of his debut single, ‘Sne’ this week prompted us to give him a well deserved mention. ‘Sne’ starts gently, but breaks out into a full blown Folk Pop / Rock ballad. With a finalist appearance in the Bandwagon Norway competition just behind him, an EP in February and live appearances booked, 2015 is likely to be a busy year for him.

New Band No 22 were I think we're Poets, a Swedish band formed in 2014 by Daniel Lindegren and Patric Kindahl. Whilst the aim of the band is to produce an album with 'a modern type of rock sound', their debut single 'Dear Sophie' is soft and subtle. With their debut release just last week, this is a brand new band, but their material for a complete album is mostly written already. We look forward to hearing that in 2015, as 'Dear Sophies' a good song and they demonstrate interesting potential, as well as a band with a plan.

We probably haven't featured enough new progressive rock yet in Nordic Music Review (I guess Major Parkinson are partly prog rock ), so we were pleased to come across Moonswing,(new band no 21) a progressive rock band formed by Lari Haataja from Oulu, the 2nd time we've featured a band from the Finnish northern city this week. Their album 'Unaware of the Dark' was released in the last few weeks, and even if youre not totally sure about progressive rock, please give this band a try, the opening track 'King with a crown of tin is well worth listening to for starters, with a good tune and a lovely cello part.

Finally for this week, Norwegian band 'Party at the Pharmacy' are from Bergen in Norway, were formed also in 2014, and their single 'Violet Coloured Sunset' is a really strong debut, with excellent vocals and a good melodic indie rock sound. Coincidentally they also reached the final of the Norway Bandwagon competition that Inge Bremnes got to, and they're another band we'll be looking out for in 2015.

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