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ATOMBOMB - 'Favourite Albums of 2014'

Over the next week, we'll be posting a few of the 'Favourite Albums of 2014' from bands and artists we've featured in our short 1 month existence. We’ve had some lovely feedback about our ‘New Bands of the Day’ feature, so we;re delighted to include them in this too:

Todays Favourite Albums of 2014’ are selected by one of our featured New Bands of the Day, ATOMBOMB, a Swedish band who we believe have a great sound, and huge potential. Their singles ‘At the Deep End’ and ‘Idlewild’ are big bold offerings which I’ve played over and over again, and i think very highly of them. They plan to release an album in 2015, which we'll eagerly await.

Take a listen to ‘At the Deep End:

Asking a band to pick 5 favourite albums is impossible, so the 5 piece have chosen 2 each, and its great to see the diversity in the list, as it shows how a band is influenced by so many different styles of music. ATOMBOMBs list is particularly diverse, but includes a number of our own favourites. Alice Boman clearly would rightly appear on many peoples lists for 2014, and War on Drugs are mentioned in many favourite lists too. However Killers Walk Among Us may have had less recognition outside Sweden, and its an astonishing album, a powerful and poignant legacy to Stefan Holmbergs talents – I’m very pleased to see this listed, as its one of my albums of the year too.

The wide variety in the rest of the list is demonstrated by the easy listening 'Det Stora Monsret', rapper Silvana Imam and Sabbath Assembly, a band 'dedicated to the quest set forth by the Process Church of the Final Judgment'.

Heres the list of ATOMBOMBS top albums of the year in full:

Alice Boman Skisser & EP II Det stora monstret Det stora monstret Hurula Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för Killers Walk Among Us Killers Walk Among Us Mogwai Rave Tapes Mono The Last Dawn / Rays of Darkness S Cool Choices

Sabbath Assembly Quaternity Silvana Imam När du ser mig, se dig War On Drugs Lost in the Dream

A big thank you ATOMBOMB for sending those in, and we'll be adding some of the lesser known albums back here in the UK to our new playlists.

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